How much do you know about frozen? (1)

How much do you know about frozen? (1)

This is a quiz i decided to share with you guys and see if you know a enough about frozen!

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What did Elsa do to make herself run away?

Rejected Anna and Prince Hans wedding
She used her powers and created ice at the coranation
Killed her sister

What happended to Anna's Heart

It was frozen
Beating to fast
Nothing wrong

What hair style is in Anna's Hair?

Pony tail
Pig Tails

Who were Anna's Closest Friends?

Select the two correct answers

Who was Christof's Best Friend?

Stphen(a reindeer)

Who did Anna decide to Marry?

Prince Hans
No body she died....

What happended to Anna's Hair

It grew longer
it feel off
It turned white

What did Prince Hans plan to do with Elsa?

Where did Elsa Live?

In a giant ice castle
Alone in the moutains
In Arendell

What happend to Anna?

She Froze
She died
She lived haplly ever after