West End Market Student Policy Quiz

West End Market Student Policy Quiz

You must take take this quiz and receive a 100% before you will be allowed to work.

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What is the West End call out number? (Use the following format when typing in answer 123-456-7890)

On what absence do you receive a Memo?

Absence 3
Absence 4
Absence 1

On which absence do you receive a write-up?

Absence 2
Absence 5

On which unexcused absence will your job at West End Market be terminated?


You should call to let us know if you are running more than ___ minutes late.


If you are not going to be in for a shift, for any reason, you have to call out at least ___ before your shift starts.

1 hour
5 minutes
30 minutes

Calling in sick counts as a regular absence. True or False. (Including circumstances of vomiting/diarrhea where the 72 hour rule applies.)


If you or someone you are living with has symptoms of Norovirus (Diarrhea/Vomiting) you cannot come into work until 72 hours after the diarrhea/vomiting stops.


For every shift you will miss due to the 72 hour rule you must call in at least ___ before the scheduled start of your shift.

2 Hours
1 Hour

If you miss multiple, consecutive shifts due to the 72 hour rule, you can have all of your absences condensed down to 1 absence if you bring in an actual Doctor's note. Schiffert 'Visit Documentation' slips are accepted.


A Doctor's note will not excuse a single shift missed due to sickness.


A No Call No Show is when you don't call out at least an hour before your shift and then you don't show up. On which No Call No Show are you terminated?

1st No Call No Show
2nd No Call No Show

Verbal agreements between employees will not be recognized as legitimate substitutes. The Substitute Form must be completed by both parties and turned into Management for the substitute to be confirmed.


All employees, including students, are considered Emergency Staff. So even if classes are canceled and the University is closed, are you still required to come to work?


The 4 different ways a meal card can be used are:
1. Use your card 30 minutes before your work shift.
2. Take a lunch/dinner break if your shift is longer than 5 1/2 hours.

***Meal cards have $7.85 on them and you DO NOT get any kind of discount. You pay full price for all items (you do not pay tax though).***

3. Buy food to take home.
4. Use your card the following day.
3. Use your card 2 days later.
4. Take food home.

If you are signing up to take food home, you should sign-up for food BEFORE you clock in, where do you sign-up for food? (One word answer.)

You cannot sign-up for food after what time Sunday-Friday? What time on Saturday?

7pm Sun.-Fri. & 6pm Sat.
3pm Sun.-Fri. & 2pm Sat.
4pm Sun.-Fri. & 3pm Sat.

If you sign-up to take food home, you must purchase your food AND return your meal card to the front desk by what time?


If you are taking food home you must put your food in the back line of the ___ and with your food MUST be a ___.

sink, pen
kitchen, receipt
fridge, bag

If no receipt is with food that is to be taken home at the end of the night, will you be allowed to take home your food? (Yes or No as your answer.)

If you want to use your meal card the next day after you work a shift, you must sign-up for a ___.

Meal Voucher

Where do you sign-up for a meal voucher so that you can purchase food the day after you work a shift?


Check all the items that you are not allowed to purchase with a meal card. **As a general note, meal cards may not be combined between students to make larger purchases.**

Select the four correct answers
Cut to order steaks
Bottled drinks from Wired
Cakes & Pies (pieces and whole)
Fish & Lobster

Which of the following are not permitted while in uniform? Check all that apply.

Select the four correct answers
Nail Polish
One earring per ear
Bracelets, watches, or any kind of wrist band
Solid band ring (E.X. wedding band)
Facial piercings
Necklace completely tucked into shirt
Studded/grooved rings

True or False: Males must be clean shaven AND both males and females must have long hair pulled back in a ponytail off the shoulders.


You are required to have non-slip shoes, BUT you don't have to purchase them until you receive your first paycheck (which is a month after you start working).


As a New Hire you have one ___ to turn in your syllabus/syllabi if you have exams that conflict with work shifts. (One word answer.)

Check the 3 steps you take when you are turning in a syllabus to be excused for shifts that conflict with exams.

Select the three correct answers
Print off the part of the syllabus with the test dates and times
Write your name at the top of the syllabus
Highlight the tests that conflict with your scheduled shifts