Do you know Harry Potter? (1)

This is basically just a Harry potter quiz. There will be easy and hard questions, but if you are a true fan you will get them all right.

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What colour is ron's bed sheet?


which village is located closest to hogwarts?

What is rons quidditch team?

Chuddley cannons
Hogwarts gryffindor
Scorch sectors

Who is the ravenclaw founder?

Roderick ravenclaw
Ronalda ravenclaw
Rowena ravenclaw

Who is the gryffindor founder?

Gretal gryffindor
Godric gryffindor
Gelda gryffindor

Who is the slytherin founder?

Severus slytherin
Sorena slytherin
Salazar slytherin

Who is the hufflepuff founder?

Henry hufflepuff
Helga hufflepuff
Hestoria hufflepuff

Who is the daughter of the ravenclaw founder ?

What are the unforgivable curses?

Select the three correct answers
Imperious curse
Crusiatus curse
Killing curse
Forceful curse

Which can render you immortal?

Select the two correct answers
Philosophers stone
Unicorn blood
Time turner

How does Harry get into the shrieking shack?

A tunnel under the whomping willow
The door
Sneaks in through a window
Flies down a hole in the roof.