Would you survive a nuclear explosion?

Would you survive a nuclear explosion?

See if you will survive mabey you will lets see I'm sorry but this disc neads more words

published on March 21, 201623 responses 3

What do you do if there's a nuke codeing in 2 months

Run and hide
Make your own shelter
Use all your valubules to get in to a base with a 50% chance of getting backstabeb

What do you do some asks to join your group and he looks dangerous

Let him join
Watch him and let him join
Don't let him join
Kill him
Chain him up and take his weapons and make him your slave with a 40% chance of him killing you

What do you do your find stuff

Take it
Split it
Give it away

Someone in your group dies from radiation what do you do

Touch him
Leave him
Barey him

What do you do

Go to the city
Go to mountains
Go to town