How Well Do You Know Rock Music? (Guess the Lyrics!)

How Well Do You Know Rock Music? (Guess the Lyrics!)

Guess the lyrics from rock bands that are commonly known by people like me!

published on April 27, 20162 responses 0

You told me think about it, well I did. Now I-

Don't wanna feel a thing anymore.
Can't stand your presence.
Never want to see you again.

In the end as we fade into-

the black
the night
the shadows

Remember when they said that what we want could never be done, when it-

comes to us.
all comes falling down.
all slips away.

I graced the Devil's-

Lips, her kiss of death but somehow I'm alright
Presence, his corrupted mind controlling mine
Hand, his claws of death gripping my soul

No doors exist on my fortress, the only entrance is the one-

in my mind
I bear
I contol

Imagine living like a-

king, someday
queen, someday
god, someday

I'm taking back the crown! I'm all dressed-

up for the occasion
and ready
up and naked

Every breath you take, I watch you-

slip away. You're slowly killing yourself
fly away. You're running from my arms
run from me. You should just leave me alone

I love you more than I can ever-