How well do you know creepypastas?

I'm going to have you match faces to names and also... You gotta enter the right facts in the right places Also there are spaces in the names and capitals (Okay there is only one pic my phone hates me so yeah)

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Who is this?

Who is this?

Who says "Go to sleep"?

der großmann is the german name for which creepypasta?

What game does BEN Drowned live in?
Btw: full name of game

Who is commonly shipped with Jeff the Killer but in reality hates his guts?

Who says "Will you play with me?"

Who is the crazy pony in Rainbow Factory?

Who was the one that made (main pony) in Rainbow Factory truly crazy?

Who is the main pony in Cupcakes?

Who did (main pony) in Cupcakes dssect in the story?
Hint: She was in another Ponypasta too

Who (female pasta) has a key in her back?
Hint: _______man brought her back to life and she was in a mental asylum (XD like most creepypastas)