Harry Potter Quiz (15)

How well do you know Harry Potter? (sorry I am a crazy Harry Potter fan and I am just making this for fun) (P.S. This may be a spoiler)

published on July 18, 20159 responses 2

Who plays Harry in the movie?

Ed Sheeren
Ron Weasly
Daniel Radcliffe

Who plays Hermonie Granger?

Emma Watkins
Emily Watskon
Emma Watson

Who plays Ron Weasley

Reagan Gille
Rupert Grint
Robert Gale

Who plays Ginny Weasley

Hermoine Granger
Balie Weight
Bonnie Wright

Who plays Draco Malfoy?

Tom Felton
Trevor Falet
Taylor Lautner

Who plays Severus Snape?

Asand Reholde
Adam Racktmane
Alan Rickman

Why did Emma Watson try out for Hermoine Granger.

When did the Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's (or Philosophers) Stone movie released?