Can you survive a yandere relationship?

Can you survive a yandere relationship?

A simple test to see if you can survive a yandere relationship and probably some random questions because I'm bored.

published on August 06, 201733 responses 1 5.0★ / 5

You see someone watching you what do you do?

You pretend you don't notice
and talk to them later
Go and tell a teacher that
someone was watching you
Run away or yell at them

You see the person who was watching you before kill someone who was bullying you what is your reaction?

Pretend you didn't notice and
call the police
Confront them
Help them hide the body
because you want to
Help them hide the body
because your scared
Run and scream
Walk away slowly

This person sees you hug your friend and you see a flash of crazy what do you do

Tell the girl to not hurt her
Say do what you want to her
Help her and tell her how
amazing she is

Your friend is missing the next day what do you tell the girl

That was fun let's do it again
Thank you

The girl asks you to be her boyfriend/girlfriend what do you reply

Hell no you crazy phyco
I was about to ask you the same thin (you say yes and kiss her)