do you know about polar bears?

If you pass this quiz then you are a polar bear expert...plz do this quiz honestly..good luck:3👍

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Where are polar bears found(famous)(ocean)

Swimming rate of polar bears on km/h?


What are polar bears-


What is the reason behind why polar bears do not eat penguins

Cause most of them live in antarctic and polar bears live arctic
Penguins are stronger than polar bears
The penguins are too smart
None of the above

Polar bear length?female?

5"11" to 7 "10"
7"10" to 6"10"
6"10 to 7"10"
I frankly dunno

What is the scientific name of polar bears?

What is a male polar bear weight ?

500kg -800kg
300kg to 600 kg

What is the famous food that polar bear eats..

When is the international polar bear's day

February 27
January 5
March 21
July 10
July 4
November 1
June 9