How well do you know the Doctor Who characters?

This is the quiz were you will find out how well you know the doctor who characters (it's really just a very simple quiz)

published on March 22, 201510 responses 5

What is Rose?

Bad Wolf
Good Wolf

What is Martha?

the most important woman
The woman who walked the earth
the woman who was not possible

What is Donna?

the girl who waited
the last centurien
The most important woman

What is Amy?

the last centurien
The girl who waited
the girl who was not possible

What is Rory?

bad wolf
a pond
The last centurien

What is Clara?

The girl who was not possible
a cyberman

Who played the 9th, 10th and 11th doctors?

Select the three correct answers
Arthur Darevill
Christopher Ecelston
Sydney Newman
Matt Smith
Peter Capaldi
David Tennant