The Inner Planets

The inner planets, what they are, what are they made of, and how they work.

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What are the inner planets?

Mars, Jupiter, Neptune, Mercury
Mercury, Earth, Uranus, Saturn
Earth, Venus, Mercury, Mars
Neptune, Saturn, Venus, Mars

Which of the following items are inner planets made of?

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The core of the inner planets are made of iron and nickel


Mercury is the biggest inner planet


What is the order of the inner planet?

Earth, Mars, Venus, Mercury
Mercury, Mars, Venus, Earth
Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars
Venus, Mercury, Mars, Earth

Which of the following planets have an atmosphere?

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What is greenhouse effect?

When a planet turns green
When the solar energy is trapped in the atmosphere of the planet
When there are many greenhouses
When contaminating gases are in the atmosphere

What is the only planet to be certain to have water?

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Mercury is the smallest planet
Mercury is the 3rd planet away from the sun
Mercury doesn't have an atmosphere
Mercury's temperature can go up to 450º C
Mercury has a lot of moons
Mercury's surface has craters

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Venus is the second planet from the sun
Venus doesn't have an atmosphere
Venus rotates slowly
Venus has no moons
Venus is a lot bigger than earth
Venus is the hottest planet in the solar system

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earth has more than one moon
Earth's revolution period is of 365 days
The distance of earth to the sun is 1.03 Au
Earth has a greenhouse effect
A rotation is earth takes 23 hours
Earth is slightly bigger than Venus

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Mars is smaller than Mercury
Mars doesn't have an atmosphere because of its small size
Mars is red because its soil has dioxide
Mars has twice as many moons as Earth has
Mars has a solid inner core
Mars has less than 20% of Earth's mass