The Hunger Games Fan Quiz

The Hunger Games Fan Quiz

This quiz shows if you are a true hunger games fan or if you just saw the first movie. Take this quiz now!

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What color is Effie Trinkets hair at the party that Katniss and Peeta attend?

pale orange
light blue
dark purple

What are the four things Effie said and gave out on the bus to make them the Gold team?

Mockingjay pin, Her dress, a gold jewel, gold blade
Hair, Bracelet, glass, mocking jay pin
Hair,Mockingjay pin, bracelet, locket
Bracelet, Hair,pen, mocking jay pin

What are the 4 main characters name (25 letters)


Which district is Joanna from?

District 3
District 11
District 4
District 7
District 9

How did Beedee win his first games?

Hiding the whole time
He lashed out in the cornucopia
Electrocuted everyone
He hit everyone with his bow and arrow
Sat in a tree the whole time until everyone else was killed