Would you survive being a "Glitched" Computer glitch?

Would you be able to survive a glitchy cyber journey like Chloe and Bree? Will you live to tell your story in one's and Zeros or become subject to a hacker or virus?

published on September 04, 201516 responses 93

Ok, you are in there with Chloe, Bree and BEN.

Ohmygod! *fangirling over the hackers*
Aah! Hackers!!!
Hi. Let's get this cyber journey started!

You guys are walking through coding and you see a virus coming after you! You-

Do Parcore! Can't catch me!!!
I will go and give him a big hug!!!
Run Away.

You turn around and you see that the virus has gotten to BEN. How do you react?

I will go into full out panic.
I will try to help Bree Get him out of the computer as soon as possible.
I will keep running. Bree can handle this... Can't she?

The virus goes away. You-

I don't care about the stupid computer virus! We have to get BEN out of here before he
gets any worse...
I follow it. Where'd it Go?
I will have a huge party with bacon and waffles!

Here's a freebie. Do you think you will get out soon?

Yes! We better get out of here! It would be better for all of us!
Maybe... I'm kinda partying over here...
No! BEN's installed that thing now! We've lost all hope!!!

Bree opens a portal.

It would have been easier just to find the exit... (Bree: But we need to get BEN out of
here as soon as possible.)
I would let Bree and BEN out first.
I would run through. Yay!

You are now out of the computer: (Chloe: See. No more coding!)

Yaasss!!! Non virtual land!!!
Awww. I was having a party...
I had fun with you guys and am kind of sad that it is over, but it is better for BEN...

Chloe: Would you want to come back?

Can I have waffles...
Yes! It was awesome!
No! Where did you download that stupid virus, breann.west.5!?!?

Well, how was the qu iz?


Bree: Will you judge me because of the Sheikah claws?

Nope. You earned them for your training!
Don't scratch me, please! Q-Q
Aaaahhhh! W-WOLVERINE!!!

Later.... You are now in Bree' s house. You hear singing coming from the guest room.

Check it out.
Keep it down!!! I'm trying to read!!!

You open the door and blinded by an unnatural light. Bree is singing "Limelight". Her singing is full of emotion. There is a LED flashlight hanging from a string on the ceiling. You notice that Bree appears to be crying a little bit. She is putting all of her effort into making it sound good...

I am speechless.
I am tempted to whack at the flashlight.
I start singing with her.

Bree sees you standing in the doorway. She had just finished the song. You notice that Bree thinks that she is a bad singer.

I stare at her.
You tell her that she is really good at it. Why is she so mysterious?
I whack the light.

Bree walks into the living room. She sits on the ground beside BEN, and starts playing Call Of Duty with him.

I want to play...
What?!? Video games aren't for girls!
I am in awe of her skills.

B y e.