guess the song (4)

guess the song (4)

can you guess the lyrics of the song I selected? :) :) its not very hard.

published on June 23, 20164 responses 2
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I look up to the sky in the dark I found, I won't fily, and I'm sing alone, sing alone, then I sing alone


I'm in California dreaming who we used to me when we were younger and free I will forgotten how it felf before the wourld


I'm over here doing what it like I'm over here working all day and night and if my real enought I'm sorry for you, bae


I don't belive, I don't belive if you left the peace, left me in pieces, too hard to breathe, I'm on my kneenes right now, 'ow


hold on, hold on, hold on...


_______, _______,_______, _______, for my self around, I wanna place it off!


the cold never brother me anyway!


oooooooo, and the night gonna be a good night, and the night gonna be a good good night