Would you pass 6th grade?

Would you pass 6th grade?

Take this test to see where or not you would pass 6th grade at my school.

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Do the teachers like you?

Yes I'm a suck up
No they all hate me

Do you get good grades?

Select the two correct answers
Not straight A's, but no worse than C's

Unless you get held back because of bad grades or something you are going to pass the 6th grade... So there isn't really a point of making this quiz...

Ok, that's fine.
noooooooooooooooooooooo I want to know whether or not I
Well I already passed 6th grade, so ha

Ok, last question...

Ok.......I hope I pass
I wonder if I'll pass or not
Ugh this is dumb...

Well, I lied. This is actually the last question.

Select the two correct answers
Why did u lie.. That hurt my feelings.
I hope you die today
Ugh hurry up already
The suspense is killing me..
I'm so bored I'm going to die.

What is ur fav book?

Harry Potter
Percy Jackson (or Hero's of Olympus)
Maximum Ride

Your not going to pass.

Select the two correct answers
Noooo sixth grade was awful I don't want to do it again!!
Oh well....
Suuuurrreee ok.