How well do you know iggy azalea?

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Whats is iggy azaleas real name?

Amethyst kelli
Jessica harper
Kacie azalea
Amethyst azalea
Jade azalea

Where did iggy azalea get 'iggy' from in her name?

Her best friend is called iggy
Her nan was called iggy
She liked the iggy and me books
Her pet dog was called iggy
She had a cat called iggy.

Where does iggy azalea come from?


Where does the 'azalea' part come from in her name?

She felt like it.
Her mothers maiden name was azalea
She is fascinated by aliens so che called nerself azalea
Her surname is azalea
her childhood town in australia

Who features in her chart topping song 'fancy'?

Paloma faith
Rita ora
Charli xc
Jennifer lopez
Ella ayre

Who features in her song 'booty'?

Miley cyrus
Britney spears
Jennifer lopez

Who did she have an online argument with?

Select the two correct answers
Flo rida
Katy perry
Snoop dogg
Dr. Dre
Missy elliot