Using Action Verbs for Learning Objectives

An action verb that should be used to evaluate lesson material The purpose of using action verbs Whether or not certain learning objectives contain an action verb

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Which of the following is NOT an action verb?

To recall
To know
To compare
To solve

Which of the following action verbs could be used if you want students to evaluate material from the lesson?


Why do we use action verbs when writing learning objectives?

Because students need to be able to demonstrate their learning.
Because learning is active.
Because teachers need to be able to assess the students.
All of the above.

Mager (1997) stated a useful learning objective should include the following three major components. Choose THREE

Select the three correct answers
Performance – What are students expected to do?
Conditions – Under which conditions should the students perform?
Criteria – How well do students have to perform in order to satisfy the requirements?
Price - How much is it?

Given a topic, students will be able to use the College's online library databases to find at least one book and at least one scholarly article.
Find the components in this learning objective.

One (clearly stated)
Two (specific, measurable)
Three (specific, measurable, and clearly stated)