How well do you know Frozen? (3)

This is a quiz to see how well you know the popular Disney animated movie, Frozen.

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How many older brothers does Hans have?


What did Anna do to Hans at the end of the movie?

Married him.
Punched him in the face.
Kicked him in the... er... I shouldn't say.
Kissed him.

Who was the only main character in the movie who didn't have a four letter name?

What was the name of Elsa's giant monster abominable snowman?

Grand Pabbie

Who were the two evil characters?

The Duke of Weselton

Fill in the blanks: "____ love will ____ a frozen heart!"

True, thaw
Fake, thaw
True, melt
Fake, melt
Real, freeze
Nice, stop

What was Elsa singing when she made Olaf (the second time)?

Let it Go!
For the First Time in Forever!
Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

What specific part of the song was she singing?

I've started talking to the pictures on the walls!
Here I stand, and here I stay!
Can't hold it back anymore!
For the first time in forever, there'll be music, there'll be light!

Which two characters sing 'Reindeers are Better Than People'?

The Duke
Elsa's mom
Elsa's dad

What did Olaf say he liked? No punctuation.

What part of Anna was frozen, the second time?

She never got frozen!

How did Anna get frozen the first time?

She got frostbite
Elsa accidentally hit her
She fell into Elsa's ice castle while it was in the making
She fell into the lake
Elsa froze her inside a snowman

How did Anna get frozen the second time?

She only got frozen once.
Elsa was too happy
Elsa was angry
She got frostbite
Olaf hugged her
The Duke froze her
Marshmallow froze her

What did Elsa wear to help contain her powers?

A hat
A cape

What was so special about the day that Elsa reveals her power to Anna?

It was Anna's birthday
Her parents were going away
It was Elsa's coronation
Olaf was coming

Why did Elsa and Anna's parents never come back from their trip abroad?

They got ambushed by pirates
They got in a shipwreck
They were secretly planning to abandon their children
They got captured
They did come back...

What two things did Elsa use when she was singing For the First Time in Forever after Anna?

A hat
A candlestick
A pair of gloves
A knife
A small jar/pot
A hairbrush

What was Elsa's motto whenever she wanted to hide her powers? No commas or punctuation, except for the apostrophe.

Why did Hans lie and pretend that Anna died (the first time he lied)?

To get the throne
He didn't lie!
To kill the guards
To escape
To get revenge

The second time Hans lied about Anna dying, why did he do it?

He didn't lie at all!
He only lied once.
To distract Elsa
To distract the guards
To kidnap Olaf
To steal from Kristoff