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how well do you know your music songs and lyrics this quiz feautures old songs that you might not know

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I cant tell you what it really I can only

tell you what it feels like
dance like a rockstar
kissed a girl

I just want to throw my phone away find out who is

really there for me
hello kitty your so pretty
with my girl


I am

if I were a

I am dancing with

wake up in the morning feeling like

we are dancing liker wer dumb x6 we r who

do what u want with

you just gotta ignite the light and

I love rock and roll

when i'm kissin u

bill Nye the

some nights I stay out


just give me a reason just a

pretty pretty please don't you ever ever fell like your nothing

so what I am

I was like

I love the way

I got one less one less