Guess Da Songz

Guess Da Songz

This is a quiz where you have to guess some of meh fav songs, don't feel bad if you can't guess it, I'll put 'I don't know' on some of the questions if that helps, please just try your best and I will be fine with itz! •w•

published on March 04, 20173 responses 0

What song is this?
'______ Have a favorite hour? Not one, well it doesn't matter. There isn't a second wasted or ignored.'
'There are some times when we choose to do wrong, when down on our luck, when some can't go on, we blame the ________ that ticks to our song'
Maybe guess? I hope you can! :D

Renegade By SharaX
Echo By ???? (Idk da owner of da song XD)
Tick Tock By SharaX
I don't know this song! •m•
Me: dats okie! Try to guess any other one!

What song is this?
'______ the white of the air is torcher. Scycopathy, why am I here anymore. ______ There will never be an end. Captivity, just gotta run away.'
This is close to da lyrics, hope you guys can guess it! •w•

What is dis song XD
'The clock stopped ticking forever ago, how long have I been up? I don't know! I can't get a grip, but I can let go, there wasn't anything to hold onto tho. Why can't I see, why can't I see; all the colors that you see. Please can I be, please can I be, colorful and free'

Hint: 2 choices
Eye of a tiger

Maybe this will help
______ were meant to fly, hands up and touch the sky, cant stop cause we're so fly, lets do this one more time, ohhh!

I believe I can fly
I still don't know
Me: You hate music don't you?

I believe I can ___!!