Nirvana QUIZ!

Nirvana QUIZ!

My boyfriend Knows EVERYTHING about Nirvana! now i know almost everything about them. ^_^ lets see if you do too. DON'T LOOK UP THE ANSWERS! CHEATING IS FOR LOSERS!

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What was Nirvana's first Album?

In Utero
Smells Like Teen Spirit

Who is Chad Channing?

What does he have to do with Nirvana? He's just a random musician who met Kurt Cobain ONCE! And Kurt didn't really like him.
He played the Bass before Krist Novoselic. He only played for two of Nirvana's first albums. They didn't really like him, and treated him differently, so he left the band.
He was the drummer who played for Nirvana in their "Bleach" album. he also did some other compilations with the band.
these are ALL wrong!^ He's just a MADE UP GUY!

What roles and instruments did each of the band members play?

Kurt: Vocals, song writing... Krist: Lead Guitar... Dave: Drums... (they didn't have a bass player. if they needed one, they would just ask a musician to play for them)
Kurt: song writer, guitarist... Krist: Bass player... Dave: Lead guitar, vocalist
Kurt: song writer, lead guitar, vocalist... Krist: Bass player... Dave: drums

Who was Kurt's wife?

Trick Question! He was in a serious relationship, but They never officially got married
Tracy Heart
Britannia Love
Courtney Love
Courtney Heart
Britannia A. Love

How many kids did Kurt have?

he only had one child.
You must really Like trick questions! He never had kids! The only baby you ever see him with is Krist's baby.
he had twins
he had two, but they were Not twins! they look nothing alike now!

What is the name of Kurt's daughter?

He didn't have a daughter. He only had one son, and his name is Frances Led Cobain ( they chose "led", because his favorite performer was Led Belly)
Frances Bean Cobain
He didn't have a daughter! He had two boys!
He didn't have Any kids! Damn these Trick Questions! >.<
Ally L. Cobain

What is the name of Dave Grohl's band?

He doesn't have a band. He's more like a music producer now.
Queens of the stone age!
Foo Fighters

Who is Dave Grohl's current wife?

Jordyn Blum
He is divorced. He's dating Jordyn Blum, but they haven't gotten married.
Jennifer Youngblood
He's never been married.

Finish the Nirvana song Lyrics! "Chew your meat for you, pass it back and forth..."

Okay. I am a die hard fan. That ^ is not even from one of their songs! what the hell?
"In a passionate kiss from my mouth to yours."
"Leave me to swallow it down, add mercy from the court"
"spit it in my face, say i don't want you anymore"

Finish the Nirvana song Lyrics! "I think I'm dumb..."

"so high, can't stop laughing"
"or maybe just laughing"
"or maybe just high"
"or maybe just happy"

Finish the Nirvana song Lyrics! " Yeah! it's all he knew. kiss her till she's blue..."

not even one of their songs!
" string him up like a guitar" XD yeah!
" hang him with a licorice noose"
" he thinks he's done, or maybe just dumb"