do you hate flash sentry

you should he does not deserve twilight what a annoying colt it should have been a dream for twilight

published on March 04, 20157 responses 6

do you think twilight and flash are a good copule

no he does not deserve her
i think
there the best in mlp ever

flash does not even like books would you kill him

i would he sucks
no yes wait no i dont know
no hes a good guy
i dont know why people hate flash sentry

do you think its good to hate him

yes very good hes bad
twilight loves him i think
no hes a good guy stop being so MEAN
its not good to hate even if its him

now do you hate flash sentry

yes very much
kind of
no hes good

why do you hate flash sentry or why not

well he likes twilight and twilight should not be loved by a colt like him
kind of yes and no because he did nothing to hurt anypony and i hate him because hes weird
nope because he is cool and he is a good match for twilight
no he did nothing to destroy and hurt anypony why would you hate him