Do you think like Jeff the Killer?

Do you think like Jeff the Killer?

Answer questions to see if you're a loony bin. That's all. Very simple .___.

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You see a puppy on the street alone and injured in the rain. What do you do?

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Kill it!!!!
Ignore it
Take it inside

Lets say you decide to kill it anyways. Suddenly, you find out in the country you are in, it is illegal to kill puppies. What do you do with the body?

Select the four correct answers
Don't hide it
Bury it in the ground
hide it under your bed
put it in the closet
plant it on your brother/sibling
turn it in to the police, lie and say it was an accident
keep it

You decide to hide it in the closet anyways. Your parents come home and smell something strange in your closet. They approach the closet and you start to panick. What do you do?

You decide to just let them find out. They call the police and the police arrest you. You are in jail with your cellmate and he/she starts bothering you. What do you do?

Select the two correct answers
Tell him/her to leave you alone
Ignore them
Call guard
Defend yourself
Strangle them
Argue with them until a guard comes by

Somehow you end up escape after killing everyone in the jailhouse. You go to the armory, what do you take?

Select the three correct answers
butcher knife
regular kitchen knife
army knife

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