How Much Do you Know about the Percy Jackson series?

this is a quiz to test your knowledge on the series by Rick Riordan. this includes both series, 1-5 and 1-4

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We'll start off easy with:Who is Grover?

a Centaur
a monster that wants to eat percy
a saytr
a pet

who go on Percy's first quest?

Select the three correct answers

what is the first line of the first great prophecy?

what is Percy's mother's name

where is Nico trapped?

in zues's prison
in a bronze jar
in the land of the dead

what is the calling of the god helps percy defeat the anti-poseidon giant?

sky god
gate/ boundary keeper of Rome
wine god

what does the pirate with his turtle want in exchange for freedom?

jason, as a hostage
all their weapons
having his feet washed
a favor
piper, as a hostage
leo, as a hostage
percy, as a hostage
their ship
frank, as a hostage
annabeth, as a hostage
hazel, as a hostage