5 Riddles you Might not be Able to Solve!

Can you solve all 5 riddles? If you can solve at least 3 you will pass!

published on November 19, 201638 responses 8 4.2★ / 5

3 men were on a boat. The boat tipped over and not a single man got wet!

They were all married!
There were multiple men so not a single man got wet!
I have NO idea! :3

I am light as a feather but 3 men can not hold me for 3 minutes. How is this possible?

Darkness duh!
Breath Obviously!

Two men were facing oppisite directions. East and West. But they could see eachother. How?

Mirror! :3
They were facing EACHOTHER! :D
I have NO clue! :o

A woman shot a man. But the next morning they had a nice breakfast together. How?

He was a zombie! :3
She took a photo! :D
I don't know! :O

What is big and yellow, comes in the morning, and brightens mom's day?

The sun! :P
The school bus? :D
Big Bird!! :3