Horse Quiz--Super Challenging

Horse Quiz--Super Challenging

Try to pass this super hard quiz! Only for those confident in their horse knowledge. I guarrantee that you will either have to guess or look up several of these--unless you are a true horse-crazy person.

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What breed was the largest horse ever, what was his name, and how tall was he?

Clydesdale, Samuel, 21.2 1/2 hh
Shire, Sampson, 21.2 1/2 hh
Clydesdale, Sampson, 22.1 1/2 hh
Shire, Samuel, 22.1 1/2 hh
Clydesdale, Sampson, 21.2 1/2 hh

What breed is the smallest horse in the world, what is her name, and how tall is she?

Falabella, Thumbelina, 17 in
American Miniture, Cinderella, 16 in
Falabella, Cinderella, 17 in
American Miniture, Thumbelina, 16 in
American Miniture, Thumbelina, 17 in

Name the first Triple Crown winner.

Who won the Belmont Stakes by the biggest margin ever, and by how much?

Select the two correct answers
Seattle Slew
Man o' War
By 31 lengths
By 30 lengths
By 29 lengths
By 28 lengths

What poisonous plant is pictured here?

What poisonous plant is pictured here?

Who came up with the idea of the forward seat/2-point/jump position?

Tammaro Fare
Federico Caprilli
Argo Franchi
Amedio De Canio

How high was the highest jump ever?

8 ft 1 in
7 ft 1 in
8 ft
6 ft 11 in
8 ft 2 in
7 ft 6 in
7 ft 8 in
7 ft 3 in

William Youatt, an equine authority, said that this breed of pony is perhaps the ugliest horse ever. What is it?

How old was the oldest horse ever, and what was his job right up until 3 years before his death?

Select the two correct answers
43 years
55 years
61 years
Circus horse
Pulling barges

Which of these are Appaloosa coat patterns?

Select the four correct answers

Which of these is not a horse breed?

Arlington Draft
Peruvian Paso
Suffolk Punch

What color is this horse?

What color is this horse?