do i take care of my hair right?

do i take care of my hair right?

Some of us want long hair, or short hair, curly or wavy hair, or full-on straight hair. You ask questions to yourself like "am I using a good product?" "Am I doing it right?" Here is a quiz that'll answer all those questions

published on February 16, 20153 responses 1

You're at the store, and you think of buying something to help your hair, you go for, or as I say, are attracted to buy:

Well, I like products that I know from experience will work for me or
was recommended depending on my hair type
I like all natural and will like it if it will tell me what it'll work to do (let's
say, like it says it works to do like 5 amazing things to my hair)
I don't look for much, I'll just get it if it'll be good for my hair in one
way. I'm not artificial with all the hair fixing and such other products
say they will do
None of above

You look in the mirror, and you see light on the side. Does your hair shine, or stay blank?

It totally shines like caramel on a comercial
It shines, well, a little
No, it'll only shine from very bright lights

When you jump, does your hair bouce or stay put like a soldier

I'll say it does bounce...ALOT
it bounces a little, like a meter
No a soldier

Do you take a hot shower all the way, or sometimes cold

Sometimes I'll take a hot shower and at the end turn it cold for 5
minutes because it feels nice
I take cold showers a lot
HOT ALL THE WAY! Yeah and there mirror is pretty steamed up...

After showers, do you wrap your hair in a towel? If you do, do you shake it off first?

I wrap my hair in a towel, and shake it first
I wrap my hair in it, but don't shake it
I don't wrap my hair

Do you bull dry your hair? And if you do, is the setting on cold or normal

I do, and yes it is on cold
I do, but the setting stays normal
I don't bull dry my hair

How do you brush all the knots out of your hair
(This is pretty important so be honest)

I quickly pull them out, almost like a rip
I use my comb to gently go over the knot over and over
I grab the portion of hair, and keep brushing over so I don't rip a lot

How much hairstyles do you put your hair in? Is it hard

1-3 and its hard
1-3 and its easy
3-6 and hard
3-6 and easy
I let my hair go in whatever it wants, its too hard to put it in a
hairstyle sometimes, so I let it be

Do you dye your hair a lot?

Yes, it won't keep its color and sometimes I like to change the color
Sometimes when on occasion
I dye it to keep its color
I'd never dye it

Now here are the final questions that depend on this, how do you feel so far?

I feel like I might not be doing great
I might be terrible after this
I think I'm fine
I think im great

Does your hair frizz, or stay super thin or almost pruney?

Yes, a lot, and its annoying
Yes but sometimes
Not much, only I tiny bit
Never (ew)

Do you have a lot of dundruff?

Sometime/a little

Does your hair get super greasy?

Only a little...

Do you take a shower everyday ( this question is important so be honest)

Yes, its always dirty
No, like once every two days
No, like two times a week

How long does your hair grow?

Like an inch a week (and I mean fast)
An inch a month
Almost never

Look in the mirror, does your hair look good to YOU

Looks great
Looks fine
Looks normal
I don't like it