Can u b my emo bf

Can u b my emo bf

emos are slowly going extinct :( please b my emo bf someone I can't see the cute emo boy at school anymore cuz of coronaaa :( Ill never see him again (ok ok ik im not a good artist but if u look like the cover of this then hmu fr sc: shstormit

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Do you look like the cover pic (or close to it?) skin tone don't matter im rlly just talking about the hair (ok also we arent talking about the fact that im a bad artist ok that isnt in the topic of conversation so dont mention it)

No i am preppp
youre a bad artist. im mentioning it.

Do you listen to screamo and emo (stuff like bvb ptv sws ect.)

No i am preppp

Do u identify as a guy


do u like girls

Yes but not u

How tall r u
(not that it matters)
but lowkey do but not rlly that important im just running out of ideas

you > 5'10
5'2 < you < 5'10
you < 5'2

r snakebites cute

no i am preppp
r u ok?

This is not what it is only baby scars
I need your love like a boy needs his mothers side

Pierce the Veil
My Chemical Romance
Of Mice and Men

Ever cheated on someone?

No because I am a child of god
Never got the chance
I would if it was you

Is this quiz 100% cringey and i %100 seem like i am 13 4 writing this

13 is a stretch
No because I understand you are just bored out of your mind while simultaneously avoiding plans with your friends and you really miss the emo boy at
school and now you're purposefully being cringey but you actually genuinely want an emo boyfriend
its hard even reading these questions

What bands

Hint: 6 choices
My Chemical Romance
Set it off
Panic! at the disco
Three Days Grace
Of Mice and Men
I Prevail
Sleeping with Sirens
None I am prepppp
Bob Dylan

How old r u
**most important question if you fail this i am sorry but u cannot b my emo bf

you > 21
21 > you > 16 but ur bday isnt any later than summer 2003
16 > you
you > 21 but ur rich