How much of a Calvin and Hobbes fan are you?

I love Calvin and Hobbes it is a great strip even if the author doesn't make it anymore

published on May 11, 20147 responses 2 5.0★ / 5

Who/what is Hobbes?

Calvin's best friend at school
Calvin's stuffed tiger
Calvin's last name
Calvin's alter-ego

Who wrote Calvin and Hobbes?

Bill Amend
Bill Watterson
Bill Berry

What is the first Calvin and Hobbes about?

Calvin meeting Hobbes
Calvin catching Hobbes with a rope
Calvin playing sports with Hobbes

Who does Calvin hate most?

Which of the following are Calvin's alter-ego's?

Select the three correct answers
Tracer Bullet
Calvin the Great
Stupendous Man
Spaceman Spiff
Calvin Boy Genius

What was Calvin like as a baby?