How much of a Calvin and Hobbes fan are you?

I love Calvin and Hobbes it is a great strip even if the author doesn't make it anymore

published on May 11, 20147 responses 2 5.0★ / 5

Who does Calvin hate most?

Which of the following are Calvin's alter-ego's?

Select the three correct answers
Tracer Bullet
Calvin the Great
Stupendous Man
Spaceman Spiff
Calvin Boy Genius

What is the first Calvin and Hobbes about?

Calvin meeting Hobbes
Calvin catching Hobbes with a rope
Calvin playing sports with Hobbes

Who wrote Calvin and Hobbes?

Bill Amend
Bill Watterson
Bill Berry

What was Calvin like as a baby?

Who/what is Hobbes?

Calvin's best friend at school
Calvin's stuffed tiger
Calvin's last name
Calvin's alter-ego