Clare Siobhan quiz!

Clare Siobhan quiz!

A quiz to see if you are Clare's fan or just her sims' fan...How did you score?

published on July 21, 20183 responses 0

Who wanted to name Clare, Siobhan?

Her Father
Her grandparents
Her Mother
Her Brother
Her Aunt

When Clare first announced that she was dating Ali, where did Ali climb out from?

Under the bed
Inside the closet
Under the desk

Who wanted to name Clare, Clare?

Her grandparents
Her Father
Her Mother
Her Brother

How many hours did Clare say she spent on building the Dreamhouse?

4 hours
10 hours
6 and a half hours
8 hours
7 hours

What body part has Clare broke twice?


In the original Dreamhouse series, what did Emma and Emily always eat off the floor?


Who did Clare used to go on Pokemon adventures with when she was little?

Her brother
Her cousin of a similar age
Her neibour