French test. (1)

French test. (1)

When i wright something frensh. You need to guess what is it in english. I hope you have all good BUT! Never Never Never use Google Traduction That right? Play it! (Image are indice)

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J'ai trouver!

I found it!
I search it!
I punch it!

Mes ami joue a Qfeast

Mes ami joue a Qfeast
Everyone play Qfeast
My friend play Qfeast
My old friend play Qfeast

Je t'aime dans mon coeur

Je t'aime dans mon coeur


Select the two correct answers
Ice cream

Cul D'vache

Cul D'vache
Horse ass
Pig ass
Cow ass

Allo chat

Allo chat
Sup kitty
Hi kitty
Hello kitty

Je comprend tout.

I understand all
I understand
I just want understand it

Cinq nuit de Freddy

Five night
Five night at Freddy
Five night at Fred

Jai des meilleur ami.

I have no Best friend
I have friend
I have best friend

Pourquoi jai jamais penser a sa?

Why did i never thinking about it?
Why did i never think?
Why did i never think about me?

Je suis intiligent.

I am not smart
I am smart
I am a god smart