Would you survive a Zombie opacalypse?

This is a easy test now please answer the questions with YOUR OWN opinion

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Are you ok with blood

I'm fine with it
Yes I love blood!
No absolutely not!

Do you or your family have any guns or weapons?

Select the two correct answers
Some guns and some tools
Lots of guns and not a lot of tools
No guns just tools/knifes

Your partner is bitten what do you do?

Select the two correct answers
Keep him alive!
Kill him unfortunately
Keep him alive and cut of where the zombie bit him

What's your weapon choice?

Silenced guns and knifes
Knifes and swords

Where do you go during the opacalypse?

Stay home
Where ever Safe is
Stay on the road

Are you an alcoholic or addict be honest please

Select the three correct answers
Recovering alcoholic
Recovering addict
Nope neither
Every once in awile I'll have a drink

Are you active


Are you fit

Select the two correct answers
I'm average
Below average
Above average!

Have you killed anybody in your life

No but if it's for my own safety then yah I will

How would you feel about killing person that just got bitten by a zombie

I'll feel fine about it
No Never!
Yah totally

Where would you go first

Select the two correct answers
Gun shop
Army base
Neither of them
Stay home
Go where ever is safe

How would you feel about a zombie apocalypse?

Fine with it
eeeek!!! I'm soooo scared!
Yah I'm so excited!