How Much Do You Know About the Dark Web?

How Much Do You Know About the Dark Web?

What the title says. I'm adding random words now because the website says my description isn't long enough.

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Are you ready? If you're not ready then too bad. Here's the first question, what's the difference between the dark web and the deep web?

There is none.
The dark web is more ominous.
Lol what is dark web?
The deep web is a subcategory of the dark web.
The dark web is a subcategory of the deep web.

Is the dark web illegal?

Hell yes!
Nah, mate, it's as legal as can be.
Wait wait wait... What are we talking about?????
Parts of the dark web is illegal.

How do you access the dark web?

Hint: 5 choices
Go to and click download TOR. Then search the Internet for a .onion link.
You crack a bunch of firewalls and then get to the dark web. If you want to go deeper, you have to hack more firewalls.
You need connections with people that are already on the dark web.
You set up I2P on TOR.
You use Freenet.
You download Tails on your USB then use TOR from there.
You download Tails on your virtual machine then use TOR from there.
The dark web is just any site that is not indexed.
You can't. The dark web is just a myth.

Are Red Rooms real?

hahaahahahahhaah... You want to stream through TOR? It's not real.
It's real! Just search up Daisy whatever!
What's... A.... Red room? Like a room painted red?

Is the Shadow Web real?

Hell nah.
Hell yeah.
Is that like where slender man lives?

Do you need coding experience to access the dark web?


Will you be kidnapped within three seconds of accessing the dark web?

No, it might take a few days tops.
No, unless you are being a jerk and flaunting your wealth and address everywhere.
You already know what my answer is going to be. (Uh, no I don't)