How Well Do You Know Sup3rfruit

How well do you know sup3rfruit? Take this quiz to find out. :) ily babes

published on February 08, 20152 responses 0

What 'song' does Scomiche sing to describe Scott's back?

There is no song...
Spine like a squiggly line
whats Sup3rfruit? Whats Scomiche? ( LEAVE RIGHT NOW)

In which episode is Scott's name "Djoo"

Try Not to Laugh Challenge
50 Terrible Celebrity Impressions
2 Truths and a Lie

What is Superjuice?

A mixture of love and water
no one knows
Water and Alcohol

Who is Scomiche's favorite artist?

Idina Menzel

sorry this quiz was short.And stupid. Last question.

Finish the quote. "Oh no! Mom has diptheria again. Looks like i have to "

Brush my teeth
take her to the hospital
Clean the bathroom