The Boston Tea Party (1)

This quiz is about The Boston Tea Party. How well do you really know it?

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Which one of these events were a role in causing the Boston tea party.

The Black market.
The queen of England demanded the colonist to pay taxes on their
Members of Parliament set fire to the boats that were in the harbor.

How did Mother England find out about the rebelling colonies

They secretly knew about it all along.
Someone from the colonies told Mother England what had been
They went over to the colonies during the French and Indian war.

What did Mother England do to make up for all of the money they had lost from the black market?

They called Wolfetopia for help.
They taxed the colonies on everything.
They raised the price on corn.

The colonies did not like how Mother England taxed them on everything. What did Mother England do in attempt to make them less mad?

They taxed them on just tea.
They taxed them on just corn.
They taxed them on just grains.

When the ships full of tea came to the harbor...

people jumped on the boat and dumped out the tea.
people jumped on the boat and stole all of the tea.
people jumped on the boat to welcome them.

True or False? Some of the colonist dressed up like indians when the ships full of tea came in.


Fact or Fake? The amount of tea dumped into the sea would have been $1,700,000 of today's money.


Who was caught by Mother England for being involved in the Boston Tea Party?

John Smith
Francis Akeley
Thomas Philips

Which one of these statements is a lie?

For weeks, the Boston Harbor smelled because of all of the tea
dumped into it.
To make sure none of the tea would be of use, some colonist would
use oars and hit any remaining tea crates so they would sink.
Some of the colonist would fill buckets up with the ocean water at
the Boston Harbor because it tasted like tea.
The British shut down the Boston Harbor and would not open it back
up until 340 chests of tea were paid for.

Yes or No? After the colonist dumped out the tea, they fled to Boston in fear they might get caught.