How Well Do You Know EAH?

Take this quiz to see how well you know EAH, made by Mattel Inc.. have fun!

published on May 24, 201513 responses 4 5.0★ / 5

What does EAH stand for?

ever after high
Eleanor Ariana Hades

who is a DJ at EAH?

melody piper
there's no dj/i dunno
cedar wood

which student is also from monster high?

cedar wood
there isn't/i dunno
c.a. cupid
faybelle thorn

who's the headmaster/headmistress at the school?

milton grimm
giles grimm
i dunno
helga crumb

what's the longest episode? (full, not parts)

i dunno
true hearts day
chosen with care
through the woods

who has the biggest dorm in the whole school?

all of the dorms are equal
raven queen and apple white
hunter huntsman and dexter charming
briar beauty and ashlynn ella

who (or what) is on the key on the logo of ever after high?

just a random girl
milton grimm
brooke page
the girl narrator

this is easy. is there a key on the logo?

i dunno