Do you know DanTDM? I hope you do! Also, i hope this IS DanTDM... If this is... then...DanTDM... do you know yourself? Have Fun! Or... if you prefer... Enjoy!

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Is DanTDM real?

Well... Of course not!
What do you think I am? Someone that knows everyone in the world????
What do you think! It has to be a YES
Yes.... umm.. of course

Does he have a Wife? If so... what is her name?

No.. but if he gets one she will be called Peppa
No.. he doesn't
Yes... but she doesn't have a name
Yes and her name is...... JEMMA

Does he have Dogs? If so.. how many?

No.... how many?? if he doesn't have dogs then what do you think it is?? FIVE???
No... actually.... ugh i don't know!!!!!
Yes.... wait... does he??
Yes and its 2!!

If he has dogs... what are their names?

He has two dogs and their names are Iron and Gold
He doesn't have dogs.... if he gets some though he will call them Peppa and George
He has four dogs called... Peppa... George... Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig
he has two dogs and they are called Ellie and Darcie

What is DanTDM's favourite Game??

What are the two DanTDM's favourite colours??

Select the two correct answers

Did you like this?

Select the four correct answers
Of Course!
Of Course Not!

Did Dan do a Shelves Mod?

What was Dan's First mod EVER?

Does Dan like CheesCake?