Ontological Argument introduction quiz

Ontological Argument introduction quiz

welcome to our ontological quiz! please do not cheat. hope you enjoy it.

published on October 07, 20141 response 0

Who was the Ontological Argument developed by?

Thomas Aquinas

What type of argument is the Ontological?

deductive analytic
deductive synthetic
inductive analytic
inductive synthetic

What does the Ontological Argument NOT rely on?

Empirical evidence

"It is easier to feel convinced that the argument must be false than it is to precisely find out where the fault lies" Who said this quote?

David Hume
Thomas Aquinas
Bertrand Russell

What was Anselm's work called that the Ontological Argument derives from?

The Bible

The Ontological argument is A ...

A posterori
A priori

What does 'Ontos' mean?

To be
To not to be
To me to you

Is the following sentence logically necessary or logically impossible? " a Hendecagon has 11 sides"

Logically necessary
Logically impossible