how to become rich! $_$

how to become rich! $_$

this is a fake but it will get you laughing so dont take it so real or you might be a dead man or in prison lol

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if your at a city mall what will you sell there?

kiss (booth)

when your computer breaks on the inside what do you do?

Select the two correct answers
sell it and tell them its not broken
smash every thing around you
call a repairer
buy a new computer

if you had two girl friends to choose from, smart girl and a prep girl

smart girl
prep girl
stuff girls ima get a rooster

if you owned a awesome company that controls almost all the games on google and bing and all that what will do when you become broke $ \/

go have a party $5 entry
jump off a tower (your dead)
kill the person that made your money gorn
be a begger on the streets

when your famouse you what will you do?

when your famouse you what will you do?
give me friken credit
do all these things
tell your friends and give me credit