which youtuber of animal jam are you?

cuz yolo dude cuz yolo >:) i lobe popo jsu su sgydu g hygdsbfshgbs sfs

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what you do when woot moo becames ur friend

screammmm all ur life
go to eat
send him an jamagram whit a black long
only say thx

what do you do if you winn aparris giveaway

use that item forever
throw your computer and scream
delet the item
save it in pace

id slushy2151 says u hai

tell her buddy me
say hi too

if wooshiewoo sends u an jamagram

i throw my mom to the trash
i reply it
i scream

what do you do when you see wolffeycat?

scream at her saying OMG ITS WOLF CAT OMG OMG OMFG
dance and say buddy me
ask for an auto
stay in peace and say hi :=)