Test 2 C H Mason Class

Final Examination for Bishop C H Mason and the Roots of the Church of God in Christ Class

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The Color line was washed away by the blood

Charles Blake
Frank Bartleman
D j Young

Charles Jones the General Overseer, opposed the new scriptural interpretations which Mason, Young, and Jeter returned

Select the two correct answers

Glen Cook became the leading proponent of

Church Of Holiness
Church of God In Christ
Jesus Only

Glen Cook, who came from Los Angeles prior to C H Mason was welcomed to stay in Memphis and begin a work.

Mason in 1907 and other brethren

Select the three correct answers
debated three days and nights
The General Assembly withdrew the right hand of fellowship from Mason
Nobody followed Mason
1/2 of the ministers and members followed Mason

During the Convocation of September 1907

Select the two correct answers
Agreed to convene a holy convocation from November to December annually
Made Mason a "Bishop"
Elected Mason as "Chief Apostle"

Who was awarded the right to use the name of Church of God in Christ by Shelby County, Tennessee Court

C J Jones
D J Young
William Seymour
Charles Mason

Why did the convocation convene in the months of November and December

The Church of Christ (Holiness) U S A had other churches including

Select the six correct answers
Church of the Nazarenes
Wesleyan Methodist Church
Pilgrim Holiness
Church of God
Free Methodist Church
The Christian and Missionary Alliance

What was the "third experience" added when the Pentecostal revival came

The Baptism of the Holy Ghost
Speaking in Tongues
Spirituality of deliverance

For the black church freedom is the essence of religion


The Church of God in Christ was Mason's concern for all people, especially poor blacks and whites


In 1914 the ___________ __ _____ organized as a white demonaton

Speaking in tongues is the same as

Select the two correct answers
holy ghost
a sign

The convocation was for the Saints, as for ancient Israel, a "sacred time."


kairos moments contained an experience of ultimate reality that affirmed significance and value for a people otherwise degraded because they were

black. poor, followers of a "holiness" doctrine
middle class
poor white
middle class black

Mason had a reputation as a most prayerful saint remaining on his knees _______ ______ at a time

in the convocation these were fragments of original events that called out a people separated unto God

Select the three correct answers
the testimony

DuBois used he ter FRENZY for what


The Annual Holy Convocation at Memphis has approximately how many delegates

1000 to 10,000
40,000 to 50,000
200,000 to 400,000

By the mid-twentieth century, what percent of Americans made their homes in the city

10 percent
100 percent
60 percent

During the Depressions of 1930s, public welfare was known as

Home Relief

Elder Eddie Drivers in Los Angelses was

Select the three correct answers
civil rights activist

He wrote the original Articles of Incorporation for the Church of God in Christ and filed them in Washington D C

William Seymour
Elder Eddie Driver
Elder Greg Cook

To become a member or believer of the Church of God in Christ did you need a particular social status