Guess the Song Lyrics

Guess the Song Lyrics

Lets see if you know these songs, by taking this quiz! Enjoy and plz comment!

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(These are pop songs from 95.7, 93.3, and 99.7) I'm gonna love ya until you hate me and I'm gonna show ya

What insane
What's really crazy
Not to mess with me honey

If you want it take it I can't pretend anymore

Tried to hide it pretend it shouldve let it out
Faking wasn't working
Tried to hide it fake it I shouldve said it before

Myx moscato frizz in a bottle its nicki full throttle its oh oh

Tipping the man then he pull off in his car
Swimmin in the grotto we winnin In the lotto
Get a ride in that engine that could uh

A map that leads to youu ain't nothing I can dooo

Following following following
Oh oh oh oh yeah yeah yeah uh uh uhh
Ride and ride and ride

Boy toy name was troy used to live in detroit and now is a big dope dealer money he was getting some coins

Bought alexander mcqueen he was keeping me stylish now that's real real reeeal
Now that's dake fake fakee
Now he gona gona gonne gun in my purse