The lyrics quiz

I like doing this kind of stuff, also I love music, so why not try this awesome quiz!

published on December 31, 201418 responses 6

You can't even hear it ring, it makes you wanna sing, such a beautiful thing-

Taylor swift - shake it off
Shania Twain - Ka Ching!
Katy Perry - The one that got away

So you wanna play with magic, boy, you should know what you're falling for. Baby, do you dare to do this? (Just the song, not the singer!)

Yeah-Yeah-Yeah-Yeah eh best friends brother is the one for me!

Shania Twain - You are stupid
Katy perry - Peacock
Victoria Justine - Best friends brother

Cheryl cole - I don't care?

Don't give me a 'sh!' -
Hey, I don't care about you!
Yeah, I don't care! And it feels so ___ good saying I swear, that I don't care!

Who sings 'shake it off'?