Name the Spirit Animal book 1-4

this is a quiz testing your knowledge on SA books 1-4 and the events in them

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Simple Question: Who wrote book 1, Wild Born?

Rick Riordan
Brandon Mull
Brandon Sanderson
Shannon Hale

What talismans are lost? (in the books)

Select the two correct answers
The Slate Elephant
The Iron Boar
The Crystal Polar Bear
The Granite Ram
The Marble Swan
The Bamboo Panda

In which book does a family member to one of the main characters die? Just type the number. (1,2,3,4)

Where is Suka imprisoned?

In the conquerors headquarters
in the earth
in ice

In the 4th book, who still has at least 1 living parent?

Select the three correct answers

What is Maya's spirit animal? capitalize

Who is Maya?

a greencloak
a villager that turned down being a greencloak, but still helps out
a qonqerer

Who is Shane, and when does he first appear?

book 1, a Greencloak
book 1, a conqueror
book 2, a greencloak
book 2, a conqeror
book 3, a greencloak
book 3, a qonqeror
book 4, a greencloak
book 4, a qonqeror