Gimme the Throne Slow

Gimme the Throne Slow

This is a quizz for my students about a game related to Game of Thrones. For Slow Learners

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Is it bad for you to get a 1? (line 2)

No, it is bad for another person.
Yes, it is.
It is bad for everyone, because it is very catchy.

What card makes somebody share your luck? (line 23-24)


What happens if you become a crow? (line 14-17)

You must place the card in front of you and watch over it.
You must fly.
You must draw a card.

When do you finish being Hodor? (line 9 )

In your next go
When another player picks a 4

How many tiemes can you say "Valar Morghulis"? (line 12)

As many times as you want

What card lets you invent a new rule? (line 22)

1. Greyscale
11. Cersei and Jaime
10. The Usurper