How well do you know the Randy Randy channel?

Do you think you know everything about the hit channel, Randy Randy? Well you've come to the right place. Take this quiz to see if you're a true Randy Randy fan!

published on December 19, 20160 responses 0

What was the name of the first series to be uploaded on the Randy Randy channel?

The Firefox Series
Chronicles of the Pasta man
The Legend of Feno

What game was the first to be played during the gameplay series?

Cave Chaos

What did Randy Randy and friends think the Firefox was originally?

A mysterious demon
A rabid dog
The Ice Man

Which one of these people are not apart of the Randy Randy crew?


What game was never played during a gameplay?

Cave chaos
Super Smash Flash

What band played the Randy Randy crew's hit song, "Gravel Remix" live?

System of a Down

Which introductions were used in the beginning of Randy Randy videos?

Select the two correct answers
Top of the morning to ya laddies, my name is Pewdiepie.
How's it going bros? My name is Pewdiepie.
Hello ladies and gentleman.
Hello ladies and gentleman it's Jacksepticeye here.

How many parts where in the, It's a Bird It's a Plane series?

What is the name of the lady who tells Dante in "The king of the tree house" that he is the king of the tree house?

Pasta Lady

In the video, "Real clown sighting (must watch!!)" what mask was the "clown" wearing?

A doge mask
A pigeon mask
A horse mask