How much do you know about COD zombies?

How much do you know about COD zombies?

Test your knowledge of COD zombies by talking this quiz! Are you a genius or are you not? Find out now!

published on June 06, 201612 responses 0

What is the element that started the apocalypse?

What are the 4 main characters in (Black ops one) zombies?

Select the four correct answers
Peter McCain
Edward Richtofen
George Romero
John F. Kennedy
Takeo Masaki
Tank Dempsey
Livid Maxis
Nikoial Belinski

Who is the "little girl" that is the demonic announcer on most maps?

She has no name

Speaking of the "little girl" what was her fathers name?

Livid Maxis
Robbert Oral
Peter Hardline
No one knows the answer

Who created zombies (Company wise)?

Right Life

Who created zombies (Character wise)?

Select the two correct answers
Livid Maxis
Edward Richtofen
Peter McCain
Richtofens small crew

Can you win zombies?

Select the three correct answers
Yes, in Custom Zombies
Yes, in Origins
Yes in Moon
Yes in MOTD (Mob of the Dead)

Lastly, what do squeakers say a lot in zombies?

Revive me! I have the MR6!
Revive me! I have the Ray Gun!
Revive me! The big swamp monster (Thrasher) is about to eat me!
Revive me! I think I still might have jug...