What is the correct answer to each question?

What is the correct answer to each question?

In each of these scenes tell me the answer or what you would do in this scenario...

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My friend and I both like the same guy! I know it because she always is around him! I don't want to tell her that I like him..But I really do! What should I do?

Don't hesitate!Go for the kill!
Back off
Tell your friend you like him and agree that neither of you will date him and move on

Me and my BFF got into a fight about who is the better dancer. I want her to forgive me! But I don't want to admit she is better than me and I don't want to seem desperate for a friend. What do I do?

If you are really her friend then you will tell her that you are sorry and say that you are both equal and that you don't want to fight. She will feel the same
way if she is actually your friend
Find a new friend. She doesn't deserve you! Don't let your guard down!
Wait for her to apologize. She will be running back to you.

I am being bullied! I tell the bully to stop but he won't listen! I told a teacher she didn't listen! She told be to stay out of his way! st***d teacher! My parents won't care and I know that for sure! What do I do?

Be mean back to the bully! Fight,Fight,Fight
Change schools
Try to stay in the shadows
Tell your parents! You never KNOW in till' you try. If it doesn't work contact the principal.

If someone is mean to me is she/he my friend?

I have no friends and I am new to town. My school is big and sometimes I get lost. Nobody is my friend so they don't help me. What do I do?

During lunch study the school.
You are a lone wolf. Live alone, die alone
Find a friend to help you out.

Je ne parle pas très bien anglais et tout le monde ne peut pas me comprendre. Je veux faire des amis, mais je ne peux pas. Que fais-je?
I don't speak english very well at all and everyone just can't understand me. I want to make friends but I can't. What do I do?

Get a tutor and try to learn english
Teach someone french so they can talk to you
go to a francophone school