The Jess Glynne Quiz! Or How Well Do You Know Jess Glynne?

The Jess Glynne Quiz! Or How Well Do You Know Jess Glynne?

The up-and-coming World-Wide British Singer: Jess Glynne! Despite releasing her very first album (I Cry When I Laugh, which is already out), she already won a Grammy before her album, thanks to her collaboration with Clean Bandit. Let us see if you are truly a Glynner. Disclaimer: Please be honest, and do not google search, watch videos, or read articles during the quiz. It would alter your PRESENT score. Also, add a period at every text-entry answer.

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When is her birthday? She is 26 years old now.

January 1, 1990
March 23, 1990
July 25, 1989
November 13, 1990
February 15, 1991
September 20, 1989
April 2, 1991
December 25, 1989
June 13, 1990
October 20, 1989
May 18, 1991
August 15, 1991

She's scared of this/these, like everyone else. Hint: it's not a spider, but she is scared of them spiders. Close. Period.

Sex or Chocolate?

Forget it! I'll pick cats.

Jess hates this specific vegetable. Period.

What is her full name excluding the middle name? Add the period.

She's a big fan of this sporting team, that in fact she would go with her father and younger sister. Period.

What was the first album she bought? Name of the album first, "By", then the artist/band. Period.

She has this anxiety. An anxiety of what? Add the period.

Her parents got this album signed by this particular singer. And right then and there, she knew she wanted to write music. What is the album and by who? Add the period.

What is her unreleased song called? Add the period.

What is her vocal range? Add the period.

What is the first recorded song she wrote when she was nineteen? Add the period.

What is her go-to Karaoke song? No need to add the singer. Add the period.

Who is the two most influential singers for her? Add the period.

What song did Clean Bandit heard before collaborating with the song "Rather Be"? Add the period.

When she did a cover of Katy Perry's Birthday, what song made a cameo? Add the period.

Name six Jess Glynne songs that made #1 in the UK Charts in 2014-2015.

Strawberry Fields
Gave Me Something
Hold My Hand
Real Love (feat. Clean Bandit)
Ain't Got Far To Go
Take Me Home
Don't Be So Hard On Yourself
You Can Find Me
Why Me
Love Me
It Ain't Right
No Rights No Wrongs
Saddest Vanilla (feat. Emeli Sande)
Right Here
Bad Blood
My Love (feat. Jess Glynne)
Not Letting Go (feat. Jess Glynne)
Rather Be (feat. Jess Glynne)

Why did she chose the name "I Cry When I Laugh"? Add the period.

How many songs has she written before finding her 'sound'? Add the period.

This is random question. How many times can she say 'Jess Glynne' under a 20 seconds? Add the period.

When she got a problem with her throat, who is the singer that urge her to this certain doctor to get a surgery? This singer also happens to undergo the same condition as Jess Glynne. Add the period.

She was born in Hampstead but raised in...? The suburb/town/district, then add the city. Add the period.

What major competition did she join when she was 15 years old but had a disagreement with? Add the period.

What is her first tattoo? Add the period.

After her surgery, Jess aspired to be healthier. So what is the name of her limited edition workout?

What is her secret hobby? Add the period.