How well do you know MUSIC? (1)

Clare, no Bob did not break up with m-" Oh hello there. Do you know music?

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What is treble clef?

Select the two correct answers
the line it circles on the staff
only one person plays or sings
soft note
line it circles on the staff

What is a time signature?

Select the two correct answers
a time signature is what makes a measure to have how many beats
the time in a measure

how many beats are in 1 measure?

Select the four correct answers
It depends on what the time signature says.Click all above

Can you tell me all the parts for the clarinet? In order from the top to bottom

mouthpiece, barrel, upper section, lower section, bell
bell, upper section, mouthpiece, barrel, lower section
upper section, mouthpiece, bell, barrel, lower section

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